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One Tool. Hundreds of Applications.

At its core, MagTitan is simply a tool that allows you to create a superior digital reading experience.

Whether you’re creating a 150 page magazine for millions of readers, or a 6 page technical white paper for 75, you’ve got a few precious seconds to get them reading or you’ve lost them… regardless of how good your content is.

  • If you make readers squint, you’ve lost them.
  • If you make readers have to download something, you’ve lost them.
  • If you make readers switch browsers or devices, you’ve lost them.

And that doesn’t even address what you need to proactively do to keep them reading, in this short attention span world we live in.

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Two MagTitan Features that Will Get Your Content Read

While MagTitan has dozens of features that make it uniquely superior for getting your audience engaged – and actually excited to read your digital content – here are 2 less “sexy”, but critically valuable ones.

  1. No More Zoom, Pinch or Squint. MagTitan identifies the device, browser and resolution each reader is using and manipulates each page in hundreds of possible combinations to create the ideal reading experience. MagTitan doesn’t even HAVE a zoom button!
  2. Preserving the (Interesting) Page. Instead of serving up digital content as a mind-numbing, endless scroll of text (aka responsive design), MagTitan allows each page to be uniquely (and easily) formatted with videos, pictures and animations to create a uniquely engaging reader experience that is a cross between TV, magazines and the Internet.
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