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A Few Reasons Why Your Advertisers Will Love Their MagTitan Ads:

Their Ads on Mobile Devices are Actually Readable.

No pinching or zooming needed…ever!

Infinite Pages.

A single page ad is so old school. MagTitan allows advertisers to have as many pages in their ads as they want to tell their story.

Set Their Own Budget.

Never lose an advertiser who doesn’t have the budget ever again.

Google-like Pay For Results Option.

They pay on performance, when their ad is verified as read – via a click or 10+ second view.

Why You’ll Love MagTitan Ads:

You get to stop giving digital ads away for free and make real money…finally!

You make money every time an ad gets read

Ads are much easier to sell.
You have an answer
(that will actually work) to overcome the “I don’t have any budget” objection.
Earnings Calculator

The MagTitan Earnings Calculator
*Instructions: Enter your figures in the yellow fields and see the annual projections below.

Price Charged per Verified Ad View
The price you'll charge an advertiser if a reader clicks on their ad or views it for 10+ seconds
Avg. Monthly Reader Sessions:
Number of readers x how many times they visit monthly
Avg. Ad Verified Views per Session:
Avg. number of ads clicked on or viewed for at least 10 seconds per session
% of Total Ads Sold by You
}Ad slots not sold by you can be filled by MagTitan.
% of Total Ads Sold by MagTitan

Gross Annual Digital Revenue
Annual 12-Pack License Expense 0 ($5,998.00) ($17,998.00)
Net Annual Digital Revenue

* Results are predicated upon having the pay-per-verified-view advertisers needed to populate reader sessions.