A Bridge Beyond Print Replicas

Welcome to Digital Publishing 2.0 -- It's Good to Have You Here

Reads like a magazine -Without Needing to Zoom

Zooming and squinting kills readership. MagTitan™ is so smart, it doesn't even have a zoom button.

Open Web Pages Inside Your Magazine

Don't let your readers leave with a click when you can bring  the website to them, by opening up a fully interactive web window, right inside any page.

in ad Purchases 

Lead generation is great, but closing sales is even better. With MagTitan™ advertisers can consummate credit card purchases, right within their ad.


Once a magazine has been loaded, readers can close their browser...hop on an airplane without wifi and re-access all of their pages.

Infinite pages within an ad

A single page ad proposition is old school. Make your advertiser dreams come true with an infinite number of interactive (and animated) pages inside their ad, to tell their story.

real pages, not scrolling responsive design

MagTitan™ preserves the beauty, tradition (and ad model) of magazine full-page design, instead of commodotizing your content into a long, bare-bones, infinite scroll web page.

Broadcast Live Video

Everybody has on-demand video, but broadcasting LIVE inside your magazine...think of the possibilities.


When a user opens one of our magazines in the Safari browser, or Chrome on an Android device, they are now greeted with an option of putting the magazine's icon on their device's home screen. No need to search through app stores anymore.

keep reader's interest with animated content

Bring your content to life with powerful animations that will transform a drab, static experience into a dynamic, multimedia one.

browser based with no downloads necessary

Storage space for mobile users is a big issue that makes them resistant to download memory hogging apps. MagTitan™ is 100% browser based, so no downloads are needed whatsoever.

deep Analytics

There's no longer any guesswork about the how your magazine is doing. Every page of your magazine is tracked by Google Analytics, which you have access to 24/7/365.