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MagTitan™ is a Software-as-a-Service product created by Of Eleven Media – 


In 2012, after being forced to shutter our four magazines, we decided to abandon print and set the crazy goal of becoming the “world’s leading digital magazine publisher.” After researching what digital publishing technology to use, for the 100 magazines we planned to launch, we became frustrated because none of the technologies available allowed us to do anything more than create a static print replica.

Internally, we let one question drive our direction – “What would magazines be like if they were invented today?”

That lead us to (naively) embark on creating our own magazine software (which we dubbed MagTitan) that would take advantage of the power of computers, tablets and especially Smartphone's. What we publishers thought would be a four-month project, ended up taking three years.

In 2015 we released MagTitan 1.0 and released our first 19 magazines on the platform. As the magazines would get shared, we would get calls from publishers who liked it and asked how they could use it for their publications. Since the software wasn’t created for 3rd party use we’d have to explain that there wasn’t a way for them to use it. Over time we started to realize that we could potentially have a successful business helping other publishers, just like us.

This lead us to completely rebuild the MagTitan software so that other publishers could use it to create their own amazing digital issues. In November 2015 we released MagTitan™ 2.0 and have made it available for anyone to use completely for free.