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Leave pdf’s & powerpoint for the printed page where they belong

You can’t take content originally designed for print and shrink it down to fit on a smartphone and expect that it will be readable. If you care about having your content read, it needs to be formatted from the ground up, for the device it’s being read on. That’s what MagTitan does.


In our world of short attention spans, you can't realistically expect readers to spend a lot of time with a static, boring, hard to read digital content. MagTitan™ brings your content to life, turning digital reading into a fun, interactive, modern day experience.


MagTitan does so many things that will make your content better to read, it doesn’t even make sense to try to explain them all on this website. Better to experience it for yourself.

When you sign up for a MagTitan membership you get a full 30 days to use the software to make sure it’s for you. If it’s not, you just let us know and we’ll refund your initial payment and cancel your subscription, no questions asked.

30 Day Trial